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More than one in four Australian households now rely, at least partially, on solar power systems. As the solar industry continues its rapid growth, there are no indications of this trend slowing down. If you were an early adopter of solar and have been fortunate enough to benefit from the 44 cents Feed-In Tarriff (FIT), resulting in minimal energy bills or even credits, it’s advisable to retain your existing system and maximise its utility until this incentive expires in 2028. If this is not the case, and you are getting sizeable bills, then it might be time to consider forfeiting the 44 cent FIT to increase the size of your system to accommodate your current situation.

For those who have acquired homes with pre-installed solar systems, it’s possible that these systems may be undersized for your current energy requirements. Upgrading to a larger system could be the solution, especially given the continuous technological advancements and relaxed regulations allowing for the expanded solar capacity in residential and commercial settings. As retail electricity prices continue to rise, now is an opportune moment to contemplate the viability of upgrading your current solar setup. Additionally, with the increasing popularity of energy storage batteries, it’s essential to ensure your inverter is compatible with future battery integration, making an inverter upgrade a favourable choice.

A frequently asked question pertains to the eligibility for government rebates when an existing solar system is already in place. In most cases, system upgrades conforming to government guidelines will remain eligible for government rebates, though there are a few exceptions. Furthermore, product warranties have seen significant improvements in recent years. While previous norms included five-year warranties for inverters, many manufacturers now offer warranties spanning ten years. Solar panel warranties, which once extended up to 15 years, are now available with options of up to 30 years depending on manufacturers.

We understand that navigating this information can be overwhelming and complex. If you would like an assessment of your current solar setup, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will arrange a site visit for you.

Posted 01 November 2023


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