Good news and bad news

At the beginning of each financial year, Ergon adjusts the tariffs and service for all their customers. Residential (Tariff 11) and business customers (Tariff 20) are the most common options available for regional customers. They also have economy tariffs for hot water systems, pool pumps and air conditioners.

The bad news is that we have seen some significant increases to all these tariffs. For Ergon customers on Tariff 11, the increase from 22cents/kWh to 33cents/kWh represents a 38% increase. The increase for Tariff 20 for business customers isn’t much better with a 35% increase to almost 38cents/kWh.

Warwick Solar Panels

The economy rates have increased as well by approximately 17% and the daily service fees have increased to $1.20/day, a 21% increase. 

Now for some good news. Customers who already have solar installed and were receiving the feed in rate of 9.3cents/kWh last financial year, are now getting 13.4cents/kWh, which is a 44% increase.

Some other good news is that the Queensland Government has announced some financial relief for eligible customers

The following is direct from the Ergon website:

Eligible Queensland households will save up to $700 on their electricity bill during 2023-24 through the Cost of Living Rebate. 

Queensland households will receive one of the following Cost of Living Rebates in 2023-24: 

  • $700 Cost of Living Rebate - on electricity bills for vulnerable households who receive the existing $372 Queensland Electricity Rebate. Bringing total rebates for Queenslanders doing it toughest to $1,072
  • $550 Cost of Living Rebate - on electricity bills for all other Queensland households.

For most households, the rebate will be split into instalments and automatically credited to electricity bills on a quarterly basis.

If you have been thinking about getting solar installed on your property, residential or business, please don’t hesitate to contact us to explore your options. Although it can be a significant upfront cost, the savings on your power bills will pay for the system over time.
Posted 01 August 2023


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