Battery Storage

Battery storage is currently a trending topic, particularly with the continuous increase in energy prices. The concept of having your own battery storage solution is quite appealing. There are several compelling reasons why someone might consider integrating storage into their home or business.

battery storage system

One key benefit is for those with existing solar systems that generates surplus energy during the day. By adding battery storage, you can capture this excess energy and use it during the night-time hours instead of relying on the grid. When properly designed, this can significantly reduce your dependence on grid electricity.

Another situation where battery storage makes sense is when connecting a property to the main grid is prohibitively expensive, with quotes from energy companies often exceeding $50,000. 

Even after the initial connection cost, there is still a monthly bill to contend with. Installing a well-designed, high quality off-grid system ensures reliable power for years to come.

For businesses with high peak demand charges, battery storage can be utilised strategically to offset the peak demand and in turn save the owner from substantial penalties from the power company.

At Warwick Solar Panels, we’ve been closely monitoring the various brands and types of battery storage solutions. With any new technology, challenges may arise, and we prefer to work with companies that address and resolve these issues effectively. Recently, we had the opportunity to visit the manufacturing facility in Melbourne where PowerPlus batteries are produced. PowerPlus Energy began in a small 9m2 storage facility approximately six years ago and has since expanded into an impressive 8000m2 factory. Their products have been successfully deployed in diverse settings across Australia, showcasing a remarkable Australian manufacturing success story. In addition to PowerPlus, we also work with established brands such as SolarEdge, Sonnen and Sungrow, known for their reliability and performance in the Australian market.

Selecting the right battery for your specific needs can be a complex decision due to the multitude of options available. If you have been considering energy storage for your home or business, we encourage you to reach out and schedule a site visit. This will help determine the feasibility of integrating energy storage into your residence or workplace.

Posted 01 October 2023


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